Amputee Association of NSW ‘Lost’ website

A few years ago, we started working with the Amputee Association of NSW as a pro-bono technology partner. At that stage, we offered the association our assistance in building a website.

After some investigations, we realised that the association already had a website, but that the domain name registration had lapsed and so the site was no longer available on the internet. we then used “the wayback machine” to retrieve the old site information, and go about retrieving the information from it that was still relevant.

Further investigations led us to the fact that the site was previously hosted by Monash University Rehab Technology Research Unit, a quick phone call to them established that they had lost contact with the old maintainer of the website (a former member of AANSW), and the domain name had lapsed without notice (in-fact, they could still see the site locally, as the internal Monash DNS servers where still resolving the name within Monash).

We asked if they could give us a copy of the original site, and received a zip via email within minutes …

They then offered to host the site again for the association, which we where grateful for (as at that time we did not host clients websites).

This was how the Amputee Association of NSW committee found out that they had an old website, which had laid dormant for several years.

After much discussion, it was decided that a website built around a Content Management System would suit their needs best, as it would allow editing of content by authorised members without technical intervention.

AANSW Website Updates

Work on the Amputee Association of NSW website is finally underway, and content additions should be finished by the AGM 2009.

The Website has taken quite some time to get sorted (mainly due to the learning curve needed by association members, for such a large site), but now, with the help of a dedicated volunteer, things are getting steered in the right direction.

Plans for the future:

  • Adjust the Template with several alterations (make Association name larger and centered in header, Phone number on all pages, Footer Menu)
  • Add relevant content articles
  • Add a gallery for future event images.
  • Add CRM functionality
  • Implement SEO functionality

AANSW Website Launch

Amputee Association of NSW website is officially launching today.

Today we have been invited to the AGM for the amputee association of NSW, to give a speech on the progress of their website and to introduce members (and member organisations) to the website, and explain how to join, and how they can use its features for the benefit of all.